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Electronic measurment


Electronic Measuring system Performance Index:


Operation interface

Chinese/international edition

Measuring mode

Laser electronic measuring

Measuring type

Real-time measuring10 times/second

Measuring range

Three dimension

Measuring precision

≤±1 mm

Max measuring quantity


Gross weight


Net weight






Control cabinet sizeL×W×H):














Function features:

      Electronic measuring system performs perfectly in estimation and deformation correction, which can orientate damages not easily found inner vehicles earlier and offer the customers acute measuring services, and won’t find its “defections” hidden inside vehicles after operation.

  Electronic measuring system with automatic measuring basis correction does not have to adjust the level, which can reduce trivial operation and errors by manual. Body or beam up, down, left, right deflection shall not affect measurements.                                                    

      Fully considerate all kinds of collision and make acute measurement without removing mechanical components. It’s convenient to measure as the computer prompts the measuring points.

Electronic measuring system is used combined body calibration system, monitor vehicles collision and stretching all over the maintenance, which can monitor as more as 32 control points on or below vehicles, and calculate the difference between measuring and standard values automatically according to model data in data base. Technician can monitor the whole stretching process through color display real-time monitoring results to assure maintenance technician focus on fast correction rather than how to measure. The promotion and use of this product, marks China’s auto repair industry especially the accident car maintenance has entered informationize and electronic age. 

      Electronic measuring system has body data base, including nearly 3000 foreign and domestic existing models data. It’s the fastest updated and full-scaled electronic measuring system currently.

      Electronic measuring system can build its own data base, which is very useful to lengthen vehicles, luxury cars and racing cars, etc.

Electronic measuring system can measure more precisely and work more convenient and stable compared with mechanical measuring, ultrasonic measuring, and free arm measuring, etc.

      Electronic measuring system, as a professional device in car damage diagnosis, second-hand car assessment and correction repair fields, is widely applied in North America, Europe and Asia. It also recommended in Chinese automobile industry.

      Electronic measuring system can make real-time detection and refresh data s ten times per second. Automobile orientation, more precise and more intuitive.

      Electronic measuring system can detect without the effects of noises, air flow or light surrounding by.


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