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Automobile Collision Repair Floor System UL-L155

◎ Flexible pulling tower, standing on the groudstably by three points, 10T hydraulic cylinder working horizontally, without any wasting of component forces. Strong pulling power can draw and repair the auto body between two points meanwhile.

◎The small flexible pulling tower can fix the car as well as
repairing assembled with the
hydraulic equipments and fixed devices.

◎ Platform track makes the car driven on and off more convenient. It can adjust the length and width to the maximum range. Suitable for various models of cars, more precise and faster for auto body collision repair.

◎The jaws of main clamps unique adjustable design, only two screws, the thimble jaws, to anchor any vehicle rock-solid and improve work efficiency.

◎The tools mechanical streamline design, after metal, heat treatment process, long service life and high-intensity, almost considered all deformation correction.

◎ Take up no space and conduct dismantling, repairing, installing and stoping at the same time.

◎The special chains fixer consider the pulling directions of any deformation corrections of the cars without dead angles. Expanded screws fix which is convenient for dismantling and installing.

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