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With the increasing request for professional bus and truck collision repair,UL-HR900launches in the market which is made in UNILINER where the most popular auto body collision repair system locates in recent years.the basement is made of 200mm thick high quality manganese steel plate and can be put both on the ground and in the ground.

The vehicle frame repair system
The vehicle frame repair system adopts excellent steel material, the unique design complies with ergonomic principles, operate conveniently, flexibly. Exquisite and practical.

 Frame support seat

The frame support seat is the main support part when doing the stretching and correcting on the vehicle frame, the seat is fixed inside the groove of the work platform, the top end protects the vehicle frame, the wheels can move flexibly, improve the work efficiency.


The vertical jack

The vertical jack is the main power outputting device of the correcting the vertical collision, double-action oil cylinder working with the auxiliary chains achieves the upward and downward stretching on the vehicle frame. The voltage outputting range: 40-60tons, the rising height is 550-1260mm, the jack equips with the extension joint, the rotating wheels at the bottom. Operate conveniently and move quickly.


The hydraulic C-shape clamp

The hydraulic C-shape clamp can do the body part deformation correction and riveting the frame, the voltage:15-40tons. The big C-shape clamp equips with different shapes auxiliary blocks and mould which can achieve the best optimal effect. Working with the movable crane,  safe and flexible.

 The frame correction press machine

The frame correction press machine is the main power outputting device of the vehicle frame correction. Double-action oil cylinders among 2 sets voltage:  20-40tons,1 set voltage:40-60tons. The 3 sets press machines working at the same side implements the left and right directions correction on the vehicle frame. High strength design is convenient to installation and operation, the work function wide.  The whole machine can put on the press rotating wheels that moves flexibly and takes less space.

The chain and the chain hanging plate

The chain and the chain hanging plate assistant the vertical jack to do the correction of the vertical bending and the torsion, working with the chain hanging plate can fix the vehicle frame on the jack.

Pulling towers for cab straightening
The 4m high flexible moving pulling tower can repair the cab and roof of big trucks with strong pulling capacity,which can stretch upward and hoist equipped with the leading arm.

 the cab fixing frame

The cab fixing frame is welded by the high strength steel, fixed inside the groove of the working platform by putting the strength bolts. The main clamp rack is disassemble, equipped with the universal clamp can fix and correct the vehicles.

Electromagnetic induction heater

The unique electromagnetic induction heating system, the infrared thermometer grasps the temperature without the fire work. It can reach 600-650 in 10 seconds. The external infrared thermometer temperature:-50-700℃。

The hydraulic system

70MPA high press pump station drives the double –action oil cylinder stretching, it is powerful, convenient, effective and safe.

Measuring system
Frame straightening works with the laser measuring system,high precision and efficience.

Frame supportseat and hydraulic jack is used to repair vertical bending&twisting.
Vertical bending is usually caused by misaoolication of handing facilities or overloading.
Twisting means both side rails are straight but distorted with each other.
It is right angle between cross rail and side rail.

Press machine is used to straighten the side bending &diagonal displacement.
Side bengding is usually caused by non-perpendicularity.front rail is relatively displaced from side rail because of heavy deformation.
Diagonal displacement often occurs on overturned trucks resulting in side rails are displaced longitudinally and cross rails are no longer at right angles to side rails.


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